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Nelson Mandela University’s STEM IN ACTION entity is giving matrics an extra “boost” with a Boost Prep Pack containing summary videos of their entire Physical Science curriculum, including the experiments.  It encourages learners not only to work together with their educators, but also independently.
“The purpose of the Boost Series is to assist and support Physical Science educators and learners in their continued efforts to complete the academic year in time for their final Physical Science examinations, says STEM IN ACTION programme manager Isabel van Gend.
STEM IN ACTION in the Faculty of Engineering, the Built Environment & Technology (EBET) primarily focus on partnering with learners and educators in Nelson Mandela Bay in the teaching and learning of Physical Science.  
Their funding partner, SANRAL, supports their hands-on, brains-on approach when interacting with educators and learners at their laboratories on the Missionvale Campus.
Isabel van Gend said during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown period, the team, together with their Physical Science Educators Community of Practice (CoP) forum, conceptualised the Grade 12 Boost Series.
“This series would bring the STEM in ACTION team, laboratories, and teaching into grade 12 classrooms while adhering to COVID-19 safety regulations.”
The learners are part of the STEM IN ACTION after-school programme and would visit the laboratories weekly and participate in an intensive Physical Science support session which includes exploring careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).
They are selected from high schools which include, St James Senior Secondary, Bertram Secondary, Morningside and Uitenhage High, Khwezi Lomso Comprehensive, Cilliè, Cowan, Ethembeni, Gelvandale, Chapman, Collegiate Girls, Westering, Daniel Pienaar Technical, Grey Boys, Alexander Road, Despatch, Pearson, and Victoria Park High.
The Boost Prep Pack includes a booklet with examination guidelines for Physical Science, past exam papers, and memoranda, as well as a flash drive with 25 video episodes.
In these episodes, the STEM in ACTION lecturing team summarises the Physical Science curriculum and uses demonstrations and other memory techniques to facilitate recall and explore approaches to tackle their examinations.
“STEM in ACTION believes that the Boost Series will not only boost the grade 12’s Physical Science knowledge but will also boost their confidence and encourage them as they sit down to focus on preparing for their matric finals. 
"The hope is that each one of them will know that there is a team at Missionvale Campus who is rooting for them together with their parents, educators, and principals,” said Isabel. 

When you received the Boost Prep Pack, how did it make you feel?

Sivenathi Faye - GATE

it made feel relieved that i had a years work summarized and explained to me in a flesh drive .it made feel that i can actually revise theory before i do past exam papers. The booklet helped a lot to have all the past papers in one book and they are also divided between the two physical papers made life easy. The teachers also made it easy by making examples from the past papers during their sessions made me want to try and do the past papers without worrying that there is a topic that I cant cover because of time, as their sessions were efficient and effective to me . the prep pack is the best

Geneve Van Rooyen - GATE

I was really happy , because not all of the extra classes that I've attended , does something so special and provides the extra needs , it felt like Stem Lab knew just what I needed .

Davidene Uithaler - GATE

I felt really excited but also thankful that STEM even thought of us

Erin Van Rooyen - SLP

I felt like I had enough material to properly prepare for my final exams and it took away the stress of trying to find past papers and memos and some of the video explanations were really good and helpful and made me more relaxed about the whole studying process

George Koutsoudis – SLP

I was extremely grateful to get the prep pack, it made me feel like I had a lot of support from others. I was also extremely impressed with the quality of the pack-especially the videos on the flash drive.

Alessia Saragnese - SLP

very happy , it helped me a lot. Especially when I didn’t know a section very well, the videos helped a lot