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STEM in ACTION Code of conduct.

As a participant of the STEM in ACTION Program we require your serious commitment to attend and participate in the lab/online sessions and events we arrange. You have to realise that a lot has been invested in offering you this cost-free opportunity and should you not attend and perform to our satisfaction, you will jeopardise your chances of continuing with this program. We reserve the right to exclude you if necessary.

I commit to the STEM in ACTION Code of Conduct by undertaking to:

  • Attend all the SLP11 Vacation Project sessions during the school holidays.
  • Reply or communicate via WhatsApp/Email when requested to do so, with: School, Group, Name & Surname, Reply during office hours (8:30 – 16:00).
  • Submit a copy of my previous term’s report at the start of a new term. Email or WhatsApp your report to
  • Inform the Admin Support timeously (24 hours in advance) if I am not able to attend a STEM in ACTION session or event.
  • Bring a letter of explanation if I am unable to attend a session.
  • I understand that if I miss (2) sessions I will be excluded from the program.
  • Respect and support my fellow learners.
  • Obey and respect the lecturer and/or other staff members in attendance.

Please write a one-page (12 pt Arial, 1.5 line spacing) essay on your programming/computer skills/background as well as why you would like to join the SLP11 Vacation Project. What contribution (skills, personality, etc) can you make to the program?



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